maandag 15 februari 2010

Bellagio Poker Room Reviewed

Introduction: The poker room in the hotel Bellagio is lavishly designed, but that is not what I have examined. In the following article, you will be able to read about the different poker games and tournaments offered as well as the poker tables, odds and gaming pros and cons. The Bellagio devotes poker to three large sections. The first is the standard game room where one can participate in regular holdem and Omaha games. The next is a special section for those wanting to play for high cash betting. This section is called Bobbys poker room. The third game section is a location that can be hired and is called Club Prive. Advantages: 1) A regular WPT tournament venue, playing poker at this casino gives you the chance to play where celebrities have been but also allows you to enter and watch those games live. 2) No one (not even the high stake pros) is allowed to smoke in any of the casino halls. This means that your poker gaming environment is smoke free. 3) The Bellagio caters to all poker tastes. It offers game tables where one can play different variations of poker as well as different pot limitations and wagering regulations. A big plus is the daily no limit games that they run. 4) The Bellagio bar serve high-priced alcohol and cocktails and do not charge for these drinks. In addition, you can keep your valuables and money in special safes that they give you. 5) Three different tournaments take place at the Bellagio. The first is as I stated above: the No Limit Holdem countdown. But there are two more highly popular tournaments. From Sundays to Thursdays, the buy in amounts to fifty dollars as well as a starting sum of five hundred and if you prefer the weekend, then the sum multiplies by two into a thousand dollars and an eighty dollar buy in. Cons: 1) Because the poker room at Bellagio is highly esteemed and brings in many enthusiasts, you will have to wait for quite some time until a chair opens up. If you are in Vegas during the weekend, the waiting might stretch up to an hour or more. 2) Mainly because of the reputation that the Bellagio has gained through the years, and also because many poker pros prefer this poker room to others in Vegas, winning at this location is tougher than any other poker playing room in Vegas. 3) Because the Bellagio serves the finest booze and because their bartenders have the ability to whip up cocktails that will make you ask for more, this is not a very ideal place to bet money at. 4) If you play at one of the high stake rooms such as Bobbys Poker rooms, you will be competing against world professionals and not just local self-named experts. Conclusion: If you consider yourself a professional or at least have respectable skills at playing this card game, then the poker room at Bellagio is the one to pick if you are in Vegas. But, if you are relatively new to the game, stay away from the Bellagio and choose another Las Vegas poker room unless you want to lose all your money and fast.

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